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Volvo Studio Talks - A Million More

The safety belt is an invention that has saved a million lives. But it hasn’t done it alone. It required behavioral change, cultural change, education and governmental regulation to do so. Yes, Volvo’s innovation was the beginning, but we did it together.

And even though cars today are safer than ever, that’s not enough. In order to save another million more lives on our roads, we need to start a new global safety movement. We can only do this by joining forces and sharing the responsibility of doing what it takes to get there.

Together with guests from various professions and perspectives – we all joined from our
studios in Stockholm, Milano, Warsaw, New York and Tokyo, as we wanted to show how Volvo Cars aims to help save a million more lives. And that’s how #VolvoStudioTalks was born.

Malin Ekholm – Vice President at Volvo Cars Safety Centre.
Magnus Granström – Director for SAFER Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre – a competence centre where close to 40 partners from the Swedish automotive industry, research partners and authorities cooperate within the field of vehicle and traffic safety. Your mission is to support the Swedish vision zero by research and knowledge sharing.
Paweł Kurpiewski – Warsaw Studio. Expert on child safety in cars, biomechanic and a traffic safety “influencer”
Russel Henk – Program Director for Teen’s in the Driver Seat in Texas in the US.
Federica Deledda – Executive Officer of the Italian State Police and the head of the provincial Traffic Police Section of Cremona.
Ms Mie Shimizu – a child educator who does planning and development at the play to learn experience centre KidZania in Tokyo. She has created a play program for children and adults on road safety.
Fredrik Carling – CEO of Hövding

Marco Montagner : Very very well done, very interesting !
Kevin Tran : Thank you Frontline workers from all of us at Volvo Cars.
Desmond Cheung : If Volvo was still under Swedish ownership, subjected to appropriate checks from a effective, transparent and democratic Swedish/EU government I am 100% for it...under Chinese/Geely thanks.
Pop Fizzy : Still not safer than a Tesla...
Stephan Winkler : thanks Volvo

Volvo Cars – One of a Million - Summer

Hear Summer talk about the collision that wrecked her car, but spared her life thanks to the safety belt.
Learn more:
Andrew world : li shufu suck
Dipesh Patel : Proud owner of 2019 XC 90 !
supertev : I used to love Volvo... Stay out of politics Volvo.. You're owned by Ford.
goemon9378 : So the camera will look at the driver and see if they are intoxicated?
Lionel Winter : Hi Volvo, If possible, please put the battery under the hood

Volvo Cars – One of a Million - Linda & Molly

Hear Linda \u0026 Molly talk about the trip to a ski resort that could’ve been their last.

Learn more:
Sefa Ilğın : Yazık Türkçe Çeviri Eklenmemiş.
Mikael Gustafsson : China cars are the best and safest
emre batuhan kantoğlu : Tüm diller var bir Türkçe yok
Fernando Pereira : Jag fick mitt liv räddat genom att ha på mig säkerhetsbälte. Tack Volvo!
Alexandre Nunes Da Silva : if all cars were like that, we would save a million for every car produced in the world.




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