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ADONIS AM-508 Desk Microphone. In Depth Review

A Japanese desk microphone that has great potential for ham radio operator.
Paul Darby : My 991A also powers the mike without batteries.
jeff smith : Hi Peter...another well produced video. I'm still using an obselete Adonis AM-303G mike I bought in 1987, it is still going strong and it has been used on Yaesu and Icom kit using the appropriate leads. Unfortunately, unlike its more modern counterpart, it still needs the batteries on the IC-7300. They are very good microphones, I think I've had my money's worth out of mine:-)
Mike Rodgers : I just didn't think your voice sounded quite right on any of the settings you tried.
mahargkp : Appreciate everything you do...very interesting info..Thankyou..M1bsz ..Graham
Paul : Hello Peter, do they come with a pop shield, or are they not required these days.

Paul M0BSW

Tutorial video of sewing machine FHSM 508

petrina shihepo : am just popping in, thank u for the tutorial, i have the very same machine, i mostly have challenge with nededle size to use, and adjusting thread tension at what number should the tension be set?
Maelys : I just can't get how to replace the bobbin because when i try the bobbin won't move help please!!
Jessica Lopez : What kind of needle should I use for this machine ?
SL Lim : I left the thread in the uptake lever while winding my bobbin. Now the thread is stuck inside the machine the uptake lever winding round it.
How do I remove the stuck thread because when I tried pulling out the thread, it is stuck. Cannot pull.
Please advise how do I remove the thread.
yumeyumeko : My machine won’t sew it’s not sticking to the clothes

SISTER SM508 Sewing Machine (Malay/English Version) Video Tutorial Part II

Sister Sewing Machine SM508 (Malay/English Version) Operation Manual Panduan Penggunaan Mesin Jahit Sister Part II
LisahEnos & Family : Berapa saiz jarum nya ni??
Susilaah Susilaah : Mesin jahit sister sm 508 dari go shop.....jarum mudah patah
vidula Joshi : Machine ki price kitni hai? Machine is nice.




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